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          Year 11 父母 Evening, 28 March 2018

          可以赚钱的棋牌游戏_比较好的棋牌游戏 would like to invite you to the Year 11 父母 Evening on Wednesday 28th March 2018, which will be held between 4:30pm and 7pm.

          As you will be aware, this is a very important time in your child’s life; the recent mock examinations will help to prepare your child for the summer examinations which will start on 14th May 2018. As well as this, the choices they make now will impact on Post 16 study and this in turn will determine the rest of their career and we wish to involve parents as fully as possible.

          The evening will be an important opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and discuss their progress.

          Visiting 可以赚钱的棋牌游戏_比较好的棋牌游戏

          Schools are usually sited within the communities they serve and 可以赚钱的棋牌游戏_比较好的棋牌游戏 is an example of such a school. We actively encourage visitors and parents to come to school, either for formal, timetabled meetings or, whenever they want to do so, to discuss the progress and welfare of their child.

          The school has two car park areas for visitors to usE: one at the front of the school on Prestwood Road, and the main car park off Coronation Road. Both however have limited space and parents may have to park elsewhere. Unfortunately, the two streets adjacent to the school are residential areas with on-road parking for the use of those residents.

          Please can visitors and parents be mindful of the needs and rights of these residents and to park their cars appropriately. We would actively encourage as many as possible to come to organised after school events by means other than by private car.

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